Second Hand Laminators

About Secondhand Laminators

About Secondhand Laminators

If you are looking for a wide format secondhand laminator, speak to the experts.  

Secondhand Laminators has worked within the industry for nearly 30 years and along with LAACO, specialising in new machines, we are the experts in wide format laminators.  Operating worldwide we can source specialist machines as well as the top named brands and, most importantly, it will be the machine with the right specification to do the job you need.  All machines originally supplied by LAACO are fully maintained so you can always buy with confidence.  Our experts at Secondhand Laminators assist with the installation, training and also supply guarantees.

Just send over the specification of the machine you need and we will contact you to discuss your requirements in more detail.



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  • General everyday maintenance of laminators is easy and quick.  Keep the rollers clean, make sure the machine...


All LAACO secondhand equipment comes with one month's warranty on parts and labour (excluding electronic items, such as circuit boards.) On some more modern machines this can be extended to three or six months.


LAACO brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to your business and can literally save thousands of pound and many hours of wasted time.All LAACO machines have been tried and tested for many years. When this is coupled with expert training, the gains have quickly started to show through. All the tricks of the trade learn producing finished prints and watching many hundreds of skilled mounters and craftsmen over the years can help make your business more profitable.
Even if you haven't bought your machine from LAACO we will still come to your premises and train for staff for half and full days.

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